Places to Visit While Travelling to Western Australia

Before travelling to Western Australia, it would be wise to keep some things in mind regarding where to stay, the places to see, etc. If one intends to stay at a bed-and-breakfast inn in Western Australia, then he or she would be pleased to know that there are so many excellent activities which one can explore during the holiday. One of the most famous places is Cockatoo Island where folks can get to explore one of the thousand islands that makes up the Buccaneer Archipelago. The beaches along with the light breezes make them a truly tropical paradise.

Anyone who is WA holiday tips is advised to visit the Art Gallery which is located in Perth which holds a broad range of items. Some of the art pieces include Aboriginal art, Torres Strait art, and West Australian art along with a wide range of international art. Another tourist attraction which one should visit while travelling to Western Australia is the Bathurst Lighthouse.

Ben Prior’s Museum is also another tourist attraction. It features collection of a wide range of machinery which will give one a new outlook and appreciation of the early settlers’ lives in the gold-mining towns. In this museum, one can see the old steam engine which was used at the mines, or sit in the wagons which were driven by the citizens of the town, and also study the lives of people who were looking for gold.

Another must-see attraction while travelling to Western Australia is the Benedictine Monastery which is located in New Norcia. One can take a tour of the town to learn about its history as well as the monks’ present life in the monastery. A good place to visit with family and for enjoying the local delicacies, purchase handmade crafts, and to discover a variety of displays, is the Boulder Market day. Travelling to Western Australia would be incomplete without a visit to the Clairault Winery and Restaurant which is among the oldest vineyard located around the region of Margaret River.



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